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Menu for the current week is available at the Polish version of this site (Google Translate link).

Regional dumplings – hand-made

Golden dumplings (with boiled trout and vegetables), topped with clarified butter23zł/8pcs

Traditional dumplings – handmade

Dumplings with meat and lard19zł/8pcs
Dumplings with duck, topped with clarified butter22zł/8pcs
Dumplings “Ruskie” with potato and cottage cheese stuffing18zł/8pcs
Dumplings with buckwheat and liver with lard 18zł/8pcs
Dumplings with cheese and basil topped with clarified butter19zł/8pcs
Dumplings with mushrooms sprinkled with fried onion18zł/8pcs
Dumplings with sauerkraut and mushrooms sprinkled with fried onion 18zł/8pcs
Dumplings with sauerkraut and forest mushrooms with fried onions 22zł/8pcs
Dumplings with sweet cottage cheese, topped with clarified butter19zł/8pcs
Dumplings with blueberries, topped with clarified butter20zł/8pcs
Dumplings with strawberries, topped with clarified butter 20zł/8pcs
Dumplings with baked apples and cinnamon 19zł/8pcs
Dumplings with chickpeas topped with clarified butter18zł/8pcs
Dumplings with red or green lentils topped with clarified butter 18zł/8pcs
Wholemeal spelled dumplings with chickpeas

Peasant dumplings


Potato dishes

Silesian dumplings with meat and seasoning17zł/4pcs
Kartacze with meat19zł/4pcs
Potato pancakes with cream 16zł/3pcs


Pancakes with jam12zł/2pcs
Pancakes with cheese14zł/2pcs
Pancakes with chocolate14zł/2pcs


Pancakes with apple sprinkled with powdered sugar17zł/3pcs